9 Qualities to Seek in a HumAIn Hire for A(I)uthentic Marketing

In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, the buzzword on everyone’s lips is “HumAIn” – the fusion of Human and Artificial Intelligence. As we step into fascinating world of generative AI today, the demand for HumAIn talent is skyrocketing. But what qualities should you look for when hiring a HumAIn for driving spontaneous and authentic marketing organizations? Here are the key attributes that will set your team up for success.

A HumAIN Representative

1. Multilingual Mastery: In our globally connected world, speaking the language of your audience is paramount. Look for a HumAIn who can effortlessly communicate in multiple languages, with proficiency in English + local language as a minimum. This linguistic versatility opens doors to wider audiences and ensures your message resonates authentically. The current language translators are still unable to pack that punch or humor in translations.

2. Storytelling Savvy: The heart of marketing lies in storytelling. Your ideal HumAIn hire should be a natural-born storyteller, capable of weaving narratives that captivate and engage. Seek someone who can craft narratives that feel spontaneous and authentic, connecting with your audience on a human (yes no AI here) level.

3. Curiosity and Continuous Learning: The marketing landscape is a playground for the curious. Your HumAIn should possess an insatiable thirst for knowledge, staying up-to-date with the latest trends, technologies, and consumer behaviors. The ability to adapt and evolve is key to short, medium and long-term success.

4. Outside-In Perspective: Effective marketing requires seeing the world through the eyes of your audience. A HumAIn who adopts an “outside-in” perspective can better understand the needs, desires, and pain points of their target demographic, resulting in more authentic and relatable content. The problem today is 90% of marketers are inward focused – on their products, their culture, their TLA (Three Letter Acronyms), their features – little or no relevance to what their user needs.

5. Analytical Acumen: Data is the lifeblood of modern marketing. Your HumAIn should be adept at analyzing content performance, identifying what works, and what doesn’t. Data-driven decision-making ensures your marketing efforts are not just spontaneous but also strategically sound. I don’t like numbers is no more a cool thing for the arty-marketing soul. Spreadsheets, data and numbers, pivots and percentages form the core of measurement of each action and its consequence.

6. Proficiency in Written Communication: A strong command of the written word is non-negotiable. Whether it’s crafting blog posts, social media updates, or email campaigns, your HumAIn hire should be a wordsmith, able to convey messages with precision and impact. Even while using AI tools, the message should be pithy, precise and pertinent; plethora of plausible platitudes don’t work anymore.

7. Social Media Mastery: The modern marketer needs to be comfortable navigating various social channels, from the ever-popular Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram or X to messaging platforms like WhatsApp and email marketing. An adept HumAIn can engage and interact seamlessly across these platforms – where the target audience can be engaged.

8. Building Audience Communities: Beyond creating content, your HumAIn should have the knack for building and nurturing audience communities. This involves fostering a sense of belonging, encouraging discussions, and responding authentically to audience feedback. Listening and listening without bias or prejudice is the key here. Encourage transparency.

9. Tech-Savvy: Embracing technology is crucial in today’s marketing landscape. Look for a HumAIn who is willing to learn and use a suite of tools, including creative aids like Canva and marketing automation platforms like Buffer. Additionally, familiarity with generative AI tools such as Copy.AI, DALLE, ChatGPT, and Bing AI can supercharge content efficiency, potentially boosting effectiveness 10x.

50-word Summary

The next HumAIn hire you seek for driving spontaneous and authentic marketing should be a versatile, data-savvy, and tech-savvy storyteller with a genuine curiosity about the world. With these qualities, you’ll be well on your way to crafting marketing campaigns that not only capture attention but also hearts. Welcome to the future of marketing – the era of HumAIn.

Note: The term “HumAIn” refers to the fusion of Human and Artificial Intelligence in the context of marketing and content creation. It is not a word in the Webster Dictionary – yet.

By Rajesh Soundararajan

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