A Job or Lack Thereof : A Poetic Narration

Beyond Job Loss: Embracing Your True Worth and Purpose –

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“An impressionist Painting showing a human being Embracing the universe with a higher purpose”
It's not the title on the card, 
Or the paycheck that we hoard.
A measure of worth, it's not at all,
For a human is far more.
We are a canvas, yet to be filled, 
With talents, dreams, and skills.
A job, just a speck in our lives,
In the grand scheme, it just thrives.
So when you lose that job, don't grieve, 
For the universe has something up its sleeve.
Take a step back, breathe, and believe,
That what has happened, you can't retrieve.
Be grateful for what you have, 
And the path that you already have.
For it can positively impact the future,
In the larger plan, it's just a suture.
Across cultures and faith, they say, 
If He brought you into this world,
He's got a way.
Just be patient and accept,
And do your best, without expecting an effect.
So rise up, and reach for the stars, 
For a bigger dream, and better scars.
You are more than just a job or pay,
For you are a unique and special being, in your own way.

By Rajesh Soundararajan

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