Leadership Lesson

Don’t let anyone, anyone dampen your dreams.

When your dream is huge and looks impossible- don’t ever settle for someone who tells you to grab what is within reach. That will be the end of your dream run.

Find a mentor/ friend/ coach/ funder who, too, believes in your obnoxiously big hairy audacious dream. Chances are you will still make it.

“A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, they would say”, but little do they know you are referring to flying your private plane, not a cheap bus ride.

The image below – An impressionist painting of a large aeroplane against the bright sky and a rickety bus on a village road #AIArt #NightCafeCreator #OpenAI

Don’t let anyone Dampen your dreams, For they are yours to chase, Yours to pursue, Yours to make a reality.

Don’t let anyone tell you That you can’t do it, That you’re not good enough, That you’re not worthy.

For you are capable, You are strong, You are determined, And you will make your dreams come true.

Don’t let anyone hold you back, Don’t let anyone steal your joy, and Don’t let anyone crush your spirit, For you are destined for greatness.

So keep dreaming, keep believing, And don’t let anyone, anyone, Dampen your dreams.

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