How Good Managers Harness the Power of AI for Unprecedented Success

Mastering the Art of AI: The New Managerial Skill of 2023

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Engaging the ‘Digital’ in the Workforce: A New Era of Management

In the golden age of artificial intelligence (AI), success belongs to those who can harness the power of both human intellect and machine (a)intelligence. It’s time to redefine our idea of a good manager – they’re not just delegating tasks to human teammates anymore, but also to AI systems.

The Intersection of AI and Management

As we navigate this brave new world, we’re discovering that getting work done even via a machine, or a chatbot, is a ‘managerial’ skill. We’re not talking about replacing managers with AI here – no, no, far from it! Instead, this is about how top-notch managers can use AI to their advantage. It’s akin to Thor wielding Mjolnir – the power isn’t just in the hammer, it’s in knowing how to swing it!

The Managerial AI Advantage

The most effective managers are those who delegate. They identify strengths, assign tasks accordingly, and ensure that their team is working efficiently. With AI, this principle remains the same. It’s about knowing the capabilities of your AI tools, just as you would know the strengths and weaknesses of your human team. It’s about delegating tasks that the AI can perform more efficiently, freeing up your human team to focus on tasks that require creativity, critical thinking, and a human touch.

Getting the Best Out of AI

Successful AI management is about more than just understanding tech. It’s about understanding how to create synergy between human and machine, how to foster a productive environment where AI and humans complement each other, not compete.

Here are some key strategies to unlock the full potential of AI:

  1. Understand your AI tools: Just as you would understand your team members’ skills and personalities, understand the capabilities and limitations of your AI tools.
  2. Delegate wisely: Assign tasks to AI that are repetitive and data-driven, leaving more complex tasks that require human intuition and creativity to your human team.
  3. Encourage collaboration: Foster an environment where AI and human team members can work together, not in competition.
  4. Stay updated: The AI field is evolving rapidly. Staying up-to-date on the latest developments will help you make the best use of AI tools.


Just as we’ve adapted to changes in the workplace before, we’ll adapt to the rise of AI. The good managers of tomorrow will be the ones who can seamlessly integrate AI into their teams, and get the best out of both their human and AI team members. So, whether you’re a seasoned manager or a budding leader, embracing AI could be your next step towards unprecedented success.

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