Prompt Management: (humour) The Silicon Valley Job That’s Promptly Rising to the Top!

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In the AI-fueled tech jungle, there’s a new beast on the prowl: the “Prompt Manager.” This isn’t a Hollywood job, handling teleprompters for Emmy acceptance speeches. No, this is about the glamorous task of feeding, coddling, and occasionally arguing with your favorite AI personalities, ChatGPT and Bard.

Now, let’s take a tongue-in-cheek journey up the AI career ladder of prompt management.

1. Prompt Intern

Kick-off your AI career by becoming the intern whose main job is to endlessly feed prompts to the AI, like a parent trying to convince a toddler that peas are indeed delicious. The downside? You may need a crash course in “AI Speak,” because despite your best efforts, ChatGPT still won’t laugh at your chicken-crossing-the-road jokes.

2. Junior Prompt Manager

Survived the internship? Congrats! As a Junior Prompt Manager, you now have the honour of categorizing prompts, ensuring ChatGPT gets its daily intake of quantum physics, 18th-century European history, and why cats rule the internet. Your water-cooler conversation skills now need to include a deep understanding of why ChatGPT can’t understand the comedic genius of dad jokes.

3. Prompt Manager

You’re moving up in the world! As a Prompt Manager, you’re the AI’s personal conversation curator. It’s your job to make sure ChatGPT doesn’t embark on a soliloquy about the emotional turmoil of a Roomba. And yes, you’ll now have to explain to the marketing department why the AI won’t write their jingle in iambic pentameter.

4. Senior Prompt Manager

You’ve hit the big leagues, my friend. You’re now herding a team of Prompt Managers while trying to predict the next viral AI interaction trend. Will it be AI-generated haikus? Predicting the next avocado toast craze? Who knows? But whatever it is, you’ll be at the forefront.

5. Chief Prompt Officer (CPO)

As a CPO, you’re practically an AI whisperer, guiding ChatGPT and Bard through the twists and turns of human interaction. You’re the one deciding if Bard should try its hand at rap battles or stick to sonnets. You’re now so popular in the tech world, you might just have your own groupies at the next TechCon.

6. Board Member – AI Interaction

Welcome to the apex of your career. As a board member, you’re not just guiding one AI or even one company. You’re now a bona fide AI Overlord, shaping how AIs across the globe interact with their human counterparts. Plus, you get to use phrases like “prompt scalability” and “AI interaction trajectory” at dinner parties.

While Prompt Management might sound like the title of a tech parody, it’s rapidly becoming a reality in our AI-centric world. So, the next time you share a philosophical debate with ChatGPT, remember the unsung heroes of the AI world, the Prompt Managers. They’re the ones ensuring your AI chat is less HAL 9000 from “2001: A Space Odyssey” and more JARVIS from “Iron Man”. Because let’s face it, we’d all rather have a witty conversation partner than a rogue toaster with an existential crisis.

By Rajesh Soundararajan

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