Mind Mapping for Excellence in Children

We are happy to do a session for children this time and how children can use Mindmaps towards excellence.

This program is curated by a Buzan Mind Map Certified® trainer, to help your child finish double work in half the time and help them have more fun. Mind mapping is an internationally proven is a secret method to help children with

– Remember better
– Produce brilliant ideas
– Dramatically save time
– Prioritize work
– Get better grades
– Organize day-day life
– Have fun

Mindmaps helps the brain to work at full capacity by using both sides of the brain simultaneously – the left side for the words and logic and right side for the imagination and creativity.

It is proven to help in thought organization, memory, cre8ivity, comprehension, concentration, communication, organization, problem-solving, project management, decision making.

Date, Time – (two sessions of 9o min each)
Session 1 – Tuesday April 28, 2020 11:00am
Session 2: Wednesday, April 29, 2020 11:00am
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Trainer : Rajesh Soundararajan
Rajesh is a certified Buzan Mind Map Trainer who was trained by Tony Buzan himself, the inventor of Mind Maps. Rajesh is also a member of the High IQ Mensa club with a recorded IQ of 156. He is a Mentor of Change under the NITI Aayog Atal Innovation Mission.

A CEO, dad, engineer, entrepreneur, farmer, ivy league MBA, road tripper, shutterbug – he invests much of his spare time on children, environment, and social issues.