The Vision of X: Impactful Insights from Linda Yaccarajan’s Interview

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One week ago, I shared my thoughts about the captivating journey of Twitter rebranding to X, with a particular focus on their logo transformation. Fascinatingly, this complex tale of evolutionary branding continues to swell as Linda Yaccarino, the new CEO of X (formerly Twitter), divulged insightful details about her strategic vision in an enlightening interview with CNBC.

So, allow me to share a succinct summary of her revelations to fuel our intellectual appetence:

The Why of X’s Rebranding

Linda elucidates that the concept of X, long cherished by Elon, represents a global town square fueled by free expression. The rebranding is a liberating move, enabling the company to transcend the constraints of the old Twitter mindset.

Why X, When Twitter was Already a Strong Brand?

According to Linda, this is where X’s ambitious foresight comes into play. Incubating as Twitter would have resulted in merely incremental changes while X dreams bigger—envisioning the realm of possibilities. Interestingly, 3 out of 4 users harbor positive sentiments about this invigorating shift to X!

How Do Linda and Elon Share Control?

While Elon stirs his magic in product design and engineering, spearheading the rebranding and charting X’s future, Linda exercises autonomy over the remaining departments such as HR and legal.

Controversial Content: Can Businesses Feel Safe Advertising on X?

Despite the controversial content narratives, Linda clarifies that extraordinarily, over 99.9% of content on X is deemed “healthy,” and that almost all ad impressions align with brand-safe content. In her words, “X is a safer platform than a year ago.”

How Do Brands React to Elon’s Bold Posts?

Linda candidly admits that some brands express concern over Elon’s compositions, often interpreting them as violations of X’s safety principles. However, she coherently underscores that the platform’s appeal lies not in Elon’s posts but in the vast half a billion user base.

Brands making a comeback?

In a promising prospect, brands like Coca Cola and Visa have been returning to advertise on X in the recent weeks.

Linda’s Thoughts on Threads and Financial Stability

Linda expressed views on Threads, acknowledged the hiring efforts of X to fortify its team of 1500 employees, and shed light on X’s financial standing, stating that the company is near break-even, showing momentum in data licensing/API, subscription revenues, and advertising.

Wrapping It Up

In her closing remarks, Linda expressed her gratitude towards the X community, highlighting the essence of free expression that drives this platform.


This enlightening conversation with Linda reinforces my belief in the subtle power of transformative branding and management as brands scale new heights. As X continues to showcase this vibrant evolution, it’s an exciting space to watch! #X #BrandEvolution #CNBCinterview #LindaYaccarino

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