12 Steps to Run a Social Media Contest That Converts like Crazy [+Infographics]

12 Steps to Run a Social Media Contest That Converts like Crazy [+Infographics], Published on 2021-08-05 15:37

 Running a social media contest is a fantastic opportunity to amplify your brand, products, and services. With organic reach on the decline, social media contests are one of the few effective ways to boost your brand online with a minimal promotional budget.

Contests can consist of a simple giveaway from a small brand or full-blown campaigns that create an avalanche of media buzz.

  1. Decide on a contest owner.
  2. Set your goals and budget
  3. Choose your prizes and an exciting hook
  4. Build your contest, define contest rules
  5. Determine jury, jury evaluation sheets
  6. Create a promotion and engagement plan
  7. Choose contest entry structure and social networks
  8. Determine the length and frequency of your contest
  9. Test and publish your contest
  10. Use e-mail autoresponders to contact all entrants
  11. Convert
  12. Analyse, reflect, learn, repeat

Who doesn’t love winning a contest?

Would you like to have a detailed document on this? If interested, please do mention it in the comments. Then, I can work on something next week and share it.

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