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ZMOTly Impact – Pados App to Aid Nepal Relief, Reconstruction

When we heard of the massive catastrophic earthquake in Nepal and the death and destruction we started charting ways in which we can help in the relief work using technology.

Pados (

Pados is mobile messenger service app and coincidentally named the Hindi word for Neighbourhood.

We started ensuring that we added all the 916 Neighbourhoods or Chimekas as they call in Nepal and that covers 100% of Nepal’s neighbourhoods. For example, this app has already created open group for Residents of Darchula, Darchula District, Nepal, bearing Pincode 10100 all the way up to Hangpang, Taplejung District, Nepal, bearing Pincode 57512.

This app will help the communities to rapidly rebuild themselves as logical online groups in less than 60 seconds and engage with conversations relevant to the members and survivors. The local officials, police and rescuers can also easily join the community where they are involved in and start having discussions that will aid relief and reconstruction work. Tens of Thousands of ground volunteers from India across the world, as well as NDRF are engaged in massive search and rescue operations. With the drawing of the end of rescue efforts, the community forum can be used for reconstruction, rehabilitation and logistics of the aid pouring in from rest of the world.

In fact, the community or teams
can easily create further communities or groups and start conversing in less
than 60 seconds. For example, the NDRF team working in Kesharpur can easily
create a private group called +NDRF_Kesharpur_OperationMAITRI that can involve
their ground teams as well as coordinating officers back in New Delhi or

Any member can simply sign-up using popular social networking services like Facebook or Google+ or Twitter.  With Pados, the user can receive instant
messages from the community even if both of them are not connected with them on social media or phone contacts.

The service will use standard data networks like 2G/3G or Wi-Fi, and does not need to involve expensive SMS charges and messages can crisscross across continents, between mobile phones and tablets that help coordinating specific relief operations.

Pados is available for Android phones and tablets and is downloadable FREE on Google Play Store.  It is estimated that Android constituters over 90% of smartphone market in Nepal. – Link:

We hope that we can make a difference in our own way to the relief and reconstruction efforts.

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