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Aspire to be a CEO: Be an icon*!

 Anyone can be someone under the sun
To be a face in the crowd, one must be an icon *

Becoming an icon demands more
more than just flowing with the current

 an icon acts with responsibility and integrity
an icon believes in his cause
an icon can differentiate between unreal and real
an icon cares for people
an icon defies the herd
an icon detests mediocrity
an icon does not need to do popularity gimmicks
an icon exposes the fallacies
an icon has passion for his crusade
an icon helps people around him grow
an icon practices innovation as if it were a religion
an icon questions falsehood
an icon stands up what is right
an icon thinks only win-win
an icon unravels the truth

Not every one is an icon; each one  can aspire to be one.

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