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Aspire to be a CEO? For your life’s sake, Have a Goal

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In football or hockey you need goals to win. A goal is a result of successful effort – No Goals, No Glory.
Let us look at another example – Even before a pilot takes off from an airport, he needs to know his destination. Without the destination there is no flight path. And without a flight path there is no take-off. You may be the best of the pilots – you still need to know where you are going.
That said, the single most important action in your entire life, is the setting of goals.

The term No Goals, No Glory. Works just as much in your business as your life.
· How will you set directions for your team if you cannot tell them what to chase – sales target, cost savings, zero-defect. Whatever it may be.
· Ho will you set direction for yourself if you do not know where to go – career progress, family needs, money?
Once you have the goals – written down – personal or professional – direct your focus, energies and resources towards achieving them. You would ideally have two sets of goals – one for your business and one for your life.
You can start with a long term goal (vision) and deep dive into fifteen-ten-five-one year time tables. One way of planning it out could be as follows:

  1. Your Dream List – 15, 10, 5 year goals
  2. Your Vision and SWOT
  3. Your Year Plan of Action
  4. Your monthly Plan of Action
  5. Your Monthly self assessment

If you don’t have goals – you have no reason to get them in the first place.
My favorite way of putting it – “If you do not know where you are going, you will never get lost”.

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