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Bonus: Chapter 9 – Traps – First 30 Days

FIRST 30 DAYS Fright or Flight– 10X Leader Series
FIRST 30 DAYS Fright or Flight– 10X Leader Series

Traps – First 30 days

  1. Do not assume that you know what motivates your employees.
  2. As you are undoubtedly aware, the workload is the biggest issue in your organisations, based on our employee surveys. The following is easy to say, but hard to do: Be a role model for your employees’ work/life balance.
  3. Do not try to solve difficult personnel issues by yourself. Draw on the expertise of the HR staff and your manager for advice and counsel.
  4. Do not ignore your “best” employees while dealing with those who need more attention. All employees need to know that you appreciate their contributions, even your top-flight performers.
  5. They also can help by mentoring those who need help.


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“Management isn’t what it used to be. Chaos has replaced order, mobility has replaced security, and cynicism has replaced trust. Men and women entering business or government today need to be savvy in ways quite different than their predecessors.”

Rajesh Soundararajan

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