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FAQs: First 30 Days

FIRST 30 DAYS Fright or Flight– 10X Leader Series
FIRST 30 DAYS Fright or Flight– 10X Leader Series

Frequently Asked Questions from Readers

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  1. Hiring people is essential, yet I have heard it is an easy way for a manager to get into trouble. Is this true?

You are correct. As a manager, it is your responsibility to hire the best-qualified candidate based on a total assessment of each applicant’s qualifications within the framework of your organisation’s diversity programs. To get the best and make sure you do it right. Speak to your HR partner on hiring external candidates, as well as policies and practices to guide you through the entire process.

  • Besides the recommended meetings with my predecessor, manager, and employees, are there others I should schedule meetings?

Yes. Successful managers rely on a network of colleagues outside their immediate organization who can provide the much-needed information and share best practices on how to get work done and solve everyday problems. To learn more, read Business Networks in your organizations.

  • How should I handle employee requests, such as letters of reference and employment verification?

Employment and income verification requests should be referred to the Human Resource Function

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