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Landing a dream job; not any job: Tackling the ‘personal’ questions

Interview – Personal Questions – A boon or a bane

What did they ask?

Pat comes the reply – “personal questions.” … It was too cool. They did not ask about the subjects. I slogged on the course revisions four times in vain. Then all they had to ask was to talk about myself. In ten minutes, they let me go. They must have been very happy.

When the interview results were out, our friend has not even made it to the second round.

After calling the interviewer fools, our friend revised financial management twice over and attended an interview with a bank.

Did he make it? Nay.

The story continues 6 times and out friend has revised his syllabus a dozen times over.

What is happening here is exactly what goes through most of the interviews and campus placements.
The trick and the simple solution lie in knowing about themselves.

In today’s world having skills (read courses) is given. It is necessary any way. If you have a degree/ diploma, you have secured it because you have studied the course and you have the necessary skills. It is necessary criteria for but not qualifying criteria.

What am I saying here?
Personal questions” are in fact the toughest of question. It requires a lot more than just saying what schools have you studied in or if you go to Sunday Mass regularly. It is more than your grand mother having two puppies or your brother being divorced. When companies ask for personal questions, they are looking for critical talents. Critical talents. Full Stop.

The inner capabilities, the strengths, the attitude – how you have worked in the past with colleagues or how passionate are you about what you say. Do you have the humility? Are you able to have a structured thought process? What triggers you? Can you cope up with failures? Will you fire up to meet the demands? Do you fear success? This and a lot more.

The interviewers look for your understanding of yourself. Your strength and your areas of improvement. That translates into what job you are applying for and why you are doing so. Companies look for if they can provide the rapid growth you aim for or a friendly culture you may prefer. They look for qualities and talents that make you unique, special and wanted.

Wow! You may say that lot.

So where can get all this on the web or can I read a book by rote?
Unfortunately, my friend, there is just NO source. It is about you. And only one person in the world knows you the best. YOU and it is between the two ears.

So what do I do?
You may want to spend some where between 20-80 hours preparing on

  • Who am I?
  • What are my strengths?
  • What is weakness?
  • What triggers me/ ticks me?
  • What sort of a culture in organization suits me?
  • What is the type of job I can do well and passionately?
  • Where are the areas I can add value and demonstrate my strengths?
  • If I am applying for XYZ, will I really fit in their job culture?

Quite a bit of introspection even before I prepare for the specific interview.

Write this down on a clean book.
Think if it is your true character sketch.
If you were a movie director, have you communicated through the script on how you are a hero?

Now the Hero of the script has a mission to do. He knows the strengths, weakness, what excites and his weakness.

Based on this, you decide how you will steer the interview. Being honest, taking on questions you can, owning ignorance if you truly are clueless. Giving alternatives, meandering with a positive attitude and solution approach. Confident yet with humility, Assertive yet respecting the audience.
Playing to your strengths.

Victory is yours my friend and you will be there with the offer letter soon.

All the best!

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