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Becoming a New Manager [First 30 Days]

FIRST 30 DAYS  Fright or Flight– 10X Leader Series
FIRST 30 DAYS Fright or Flight– 10X Leader Series

Chapter 1 – Becoming a New Manager

Congratulations on becoming a new manager!

The first 30 days of taking on a new role as a manager will be the most defining thirty days for that job and lay the foundation for your success on that job and possibly the next.

This Fight or Flight – 10X Leader Series is designed to help you get started quickly in your new role and become successful. This book is intended to help a new manager. And then some of you may want to use this as a guide every time you move into a new role as a manager into a new team, department, or new organization.

This book outlines the necessary steps to help you during your first thirty days as a new manager. Working on those steps, you will gain insights that will help you pursue your department’s mission and business objectives. You will build a productive working relationship with your employees.

The bonus resources section at the end allows you access to online resources that are specifically available for readers of this book. This section consists of up-to-date resources across the internet. It will make you familiar with the many management tools available for you.

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