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First 30 Days – Foreword

Fright or Flight– 10X Leader Series

I am happy to share with you one of my books absolutely FREE. The idea is to help nurture young leaders to be successful today and with practice make successful transitions a habit. Hence this!

The idea for this book started decades ago. Yes, literally decades ago.

Over a career spanning 25 years, from my first job to the last, I have meticulously been observing and taking notes on the job’s challenges in the first month. Over the decades, I have coached and mentored hundreds of people, including first-time managers or managers in a new role. Over time, I saw myself sharing tips and suggestions that will make them successful.

The names of organizations changed; the job roles varied; the backgrounds of candidates were diverse. Yet, over time, I realized that the steps required to succeed were straightforward. There were very few things that differentiated a successful manager from the rest.

The trick was all about scheduling the right meetings in the first thirty days. Meeting the right employees in the first thirty days and doing a few things well was the key. The primer sets the ground. Yes, as simple as that.

The central essence of this book is the simplicity of what one needs to do. Everything that needs to be done is just a few specific things and, wow! You will be sailing your way to success.

Towards the latter part of the book, I have added some cool bonus chapters on receiving and giving feedback, traps, and tools that will help you chart your individual path.

Those tools can also be used as a workbook which we are working on for the next version. We have also created a universal resource weblink –, where we will share new approaches with some incredible online resources. As the reader of this book, the secret is available to you first-hand.

I encourage you to bookmark the above URL and visit the website regularly. Do sign up for the resources, newsletters, and updated content. They will help you in your ongoing journey towards success.

I love feedback. I appreciate if you can share a line or two on what you think and include it in the upcoming versions. The URL link above also allows you to write to me directly.

I am looking forward to being engaged with you! Please do give your feedback for the second edition.

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